About KSUA Wine Degrees

KSUA Viticulture and Enology Program Information

Do you currently own or work at a vineyard or winery? Do you wish you had a more formal education in vineyard or winery management? Or, perhaps you just want to take a few classes to expand your educational horizons. Still yet, maybe you have an employee that you wish knew more of the basics of managing a vineyard/winery. Regardless of your reasons for advancing your or your employee’s education, Kent State Ashtabula might have the perfect program for you.

The Viticulture and Enology Program at Kent State University Ashtabula offers Associate degrees in Viticulture or Enology and is part of the Viticulture and Enology Science and Technology Alliance (VESTA), a National Science Foundation National Center of Excellence. The program is geared toward traditional and non-traditional students who want to take a few classes or who earn a degree in Viticulture or Enology.

Both degrees require hands-on experiences working in vineyards and wineries to ensure that students fully capable of taking classroom instruction in theory and concepts to the real world. Our students are motivated and enthusiastic about the program and their careers once they graduate with their Kent State University degrees. Contact us today for more information!

This blog provides a resource not only for students to share their experiences and knowledge, but also for program information, updates, and upcoming events.

Apply today!

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