Practicum requirements

Students completing the Viticulture or Enology degree at Kent State University Ashtabula or through the VESTA program are required to spend time in commercial vineyards and wineries to gain hands-on experience. This practicum requirement is critical for their knowledge and contribution to the Ohio grape and wine industry. We here at KSUA are grateful to the Ohio grape and wine industry (growers and wineries) for their participation and contribution to the education of these students. Without them, we would not be able to bring students through the program.

  • If you currently are mentoring or plan to mentor students, please take a moment to read the practicum guidelines for you and for the students. There are forms to complete, of course, and there are tasks the students must learn during each practicum experience. We can provide you with information that will clarify these requirements. When a student completes an internship or practicum experience with you, we will send you a private link to an assessment form, which will be used to assign the student a grade for the semester. Please complete the form below for more information.
  • If you are currently a student or plan to become a KSUA V&E student, please take the time to read and understand the requirements for the practicum experience. To find these requirements, please contact the V&E Program through the form at the bottom of this post for assistance in finding a practicum site.
  • If you are a KSUA student, registered for a practicum, AND you have a site where you will be working, please complete the vineyard or winery form (both available below) as soon as you have an agreement with your practicum mentor (vineyard or winery owner). You will need to complete the form for EACH VIN course that requires a practicum experience (listed below).
  • If you are a VESTA student in Ohio and you need a practicum site, please complete the form below to receive assistance in securing a practicum site location.

If you are currently VESTA student (through Missouri), please take the time to read and understand the requirements for the practicum experience on the VESTA website. Be sure to use Internet Explorer when you complete the VESTA Site Selection form to ensure that you can email the form. Otherwise, you’ll need to print it out, then scan and email it or print and fax it to VESTA.

Please complete the form below if you have additional questions, want to become a mentor, or would like more information on the program.

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