New VESTA Website!

Is the roll-out of the new VESTA website really blog-worthy? Yes! This new website has so many new bells and whistles that we want to make sure all VESTA students know what they can do all on the new website.

VESTA Student capture

To name a few:

VESTA Joint admission capture

1. Register for courses.


VESTA social profile

2. Create a social profile to network with fellow students.

VESTA vineyard practicum form

3. Sign up for practicum sites.

4. Complete continuing enrollment forms.

VESTA Student Forms

5. Request transcripts.

This website is very user-friendly and can answer nearly every question a VESTA student might have, including instructional videos and a searchable events calendar. Students and industry members can keep track of upcoming workshops and conferences.

VESTA Event calendar

I encourage you to log on and peruse the site at your leisure. The VESTA state coordinators are excited about the improved efficiency of reporting with this website, as well as the ease of use and accessibility.


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