How to make your smartphone useful in the vineyard

As I prepare for the Northeast Ohio Winter Grape School on March 17,  I am so excited to learn about different ways to use smartphone apps and management software that I had to throw a quick post up on the ol’ blog. Sure, vineyard managers could pay lots of money for some expensive software programs, but there are also many apps and software that work just as well.

In fact, I came across some vineyard management software and am so impressed that at least one is FREE and has many useful tools. The mobile websites for most are functional as well, which is a relief. The caveat to this is that some of the programs run in a browser, so your tablet must have wifi or satellite connectivity.

With all kinds of apps and mobile website dedicated to grape production, it would be a huge mistake NOT to get more use out of that mini computer in your pocket. Most growers I know have a smartphone, but I often wonder how often they use it for work. Grab some sort of indestructible smartphone or tablet case and start downloading apps and bookmarking useful websites.

Yara’s new CheckIT app is a must-have for growers. Admittedly, they do have a secondary purpose, which is to sell growers their products, but most growers are savvy enough to realize that and only purchase what they need AFTER completing a soil or petiole test…. Right? Anyway, if you’re not sure what kind of soil you have at your site, you can use the SoilWeb app to figure out what you’ve got. Again, you’ll be on your own with soil testing, unless you want to pay to use the iCropTrak software (FREE smartphone app that you can only use if you purchase an account).

Anyway, Google Drive is a very handy tool, and it can be used to create spray schedules – that can be maintained in the field on a smart phone or tablet, or on a computer in the office. Plus, there are plenty of tank mix calculator apps that can come in handy.

If you come to the NE Ohio Winter Grape School (which is FREE for up to 20 KSUA/VESTA students!), I’ll show you a few more apps and software and even help get you started with a Google spreadsheet!

Hope to see you there!


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