KSUA Wine Degrees on Cleveland’s Fox 8 News?

Yes, it’s true. You DID, in fact, spy the Program Director of the KSUA Wine Degrees Program last night on the Fox 8 news. And on the Fox 8 website. And on our FB page. We are so grateful to have been lucky enough to catch Enrique Correa’s attention while he was working on another Kent State story: The Communications office on KSU’s Main Campus called me up and said Mr. Correa was interested in doing a piece on our little program, and the timing was just right. I’d planned to take my class outside for some work in the vineyard, and the weather was gorgeous.

A still of KSUA Wine Degrees students pruning in the Concords at the OSU viticulture research station (AARS).

The students enjoyed the time outside and gaining some more experience pruning top wire cordon, spur pruning in VSP, and cane pruning in VSP. We also worked on identifying dead cambium versus live cambium (see below) in trunks and canes to assess vine mortality and develop vineyard management strategies.

Live and dead cambium

Cambium health can be assessed through longitudinal slices through the trunk or wood of a vine. Dead cambium, as seen on the right, is necrotic, or black/brown. Live cambium, as seen on the left, is a light tan or beige. After severe winters, such as the one we had this year, it is important to evaluate whether trunks remain alive to support any remaining live buds.

The interview was fun, and Mr. Correa was friendly and affable, so everyone was relaxed and enjoyed themselves. And the piece is pretty good, too. We are a Viticulture and Enology Program, and our students get loads of hands-on experience before they finish their degrees. The beauty of our program is our flexibility for students who want to earn a degree, but are currently employed full time. Classes are online, with only minimal (twice/semester) on-campus , yet plenty of in-vineyard and in-winery, time.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about grape growing or wine making, contact us right away!

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