It’s been a while…

…but here’s something fun to share with your friends, neighbors, colleagues, fellow students, fellow educators, and even strangers on the street. As we gear up for a summer of marketing and recruiting at wine-related events, I threw together a little Prezi to give a brief introduction to the program.

What is Prezi? Well, it’s a handy little tool, not too unlike Power Point, but VERY different from Power Point. Instructors and educators can create slides (like Power Point) with loads of information, but the options for animation are way cooler (not like Power Point). Because it is so different from (and yet similar to!) Power Point, using this for classes, workshops, and even as a marketing tool can grab might result in greater interaction and engagement from the audience, be they current students, prospective students, or strangers on the street.

[CAUTION: If you or your audience is prone to motion sickness, then you may want to take it easy on the Prezi. It can be dizzying sometimes, but it is SO. MUCH. FUN!]

ANYWAY, here’s what you’ve been waiting for: Introduction to the KSUA Wine Degrees.

Enjoy and spread the word!


Arnie E Wine Buzz

One of our favorite mentors, Arnie Esterer, owner of Markko Vineyards, has worked with practically half of our students, both in the vineyard and in the winery. Kudos for the cover, Arnie!

For those of you looking for an image of something, few things can bring me greater pleasure than to share with you a image of the cover of the May/Jun 2015 “The Wine Buzz.” Arnie Esterer of Markko Vineyard has worked with many of our students who needed to complete vineyard and winery field experiences for their courses. We are so proud to work with such talented winemakers, and Arnie ranks right up there as one of the best!

Thank you and congratulations, Arnie!


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