It’s graduation time!

“Where are you going to put all those graduates? Why would I hire someone when I can do the work myself?” I have been asked these questions by a couple of local winery owners. My reply typically is, “Why wouldn’t you hire a knowledgeable person to help you manage your vineyard or winery?”

So far, we have had four graduates from the Viticulture and Enology Program, and all of these graduates have jobs in the viticulture and enology industry. One is managing a small vineyard; one works for a wine packaging company; one is an assistant brewmaster; and the fourth is now an assistant winemaker. Three more students graduate this spring (today, in fact!), and one of these already has a full time job as a vineyard manager!

The market in this region – certainly the same could be said for the state of Ohio – is not even close to saturated. In fact, in the past several weeks, winery and vineyard owners have been contacting me to recommend student to fill part of full time (PAID) positions. Each time, I email all KSUA and VESTA students in Ohio, and I post it here on our very own blog. It certainly seems our reputation for hard-working, knowledgeable employees is spreading!

Our program might be small, but I’ll call it mighty! Our students are employed throughout the State of Ohio and beyond – not just in internships required for classes. I often tell people (and I may have already posted it on here) that the best part of my job is working with our students. Why? Because KSUA/VESTA V&E students are motivated, enthusiastic, and driven. They are on a mission to begin a new career, and they have a lot riding on their education and experience.

So, the next time you know of a winery or vineyard manager who is looking for a new employee, point him/her in our direction. We have many students looking to get into the industry.

Congratulations KSUA V&E 2015 Graduates! We are proud of you and wish you the very best in your viticulture and enology endeavors!!

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