Internship and Job Opportunities

Come back to this page regularly to check for opportunities to gain experience in commercial vineyards and wineries as part of the degree program. If there is a particular opportunity available that interests you, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Nothing here excites you? Take a peek at the following links:

Be prepared to start at the bottom and work your way up!

Opportunities In Ohio 

The Ohio State University hosts The Grape Exchange (opens a pdf), which lists equipment for sale and jobs available. It’s always worth a look!

Date Posted          Job/Task Opportunity          Location                                  

08/14/2015       Wine Supervisor                     Red, Wine & Brew, Chesterland,OH

08/14/2015        Harvest Workers                    Gervasi Winery, Canton, OH

07/23/2015        Bottling Line     Crafted Meadery, Akron, OH

06/11/2015         Vineyard Help                         Laurentia Winery, Madison, OH

05/06/2015        Part-time Assistant                 Rockside Winery & Vineyards, Lancaster, OH

04/24/2015         Vineyard Assistant                 Quaker City, OH

04/24/2015         Tasting Room/Sales Associate          Buccia Winery, Conneaut, OH

04/10/2015         Winery Bartender                   The Winery at Spring Hill, Geneva, OH

03/23/2015         Seasonal Vineyard Assistants   Gervasi Vineyards, Canton, OH

Opportunities Outside of Ohio 

Date Posted          Job/Task Opportunity                                            Location

07/20/2015        Winemaking Technician and Cellar Assistant    Mount Pleasant, PA

06/25/2015         Associate Winemaker/Production Manager   Bloomington, IN

06/10/2015         Assistant Winemaker                              Mt. Airy, MD

04/08/2015         Assistant Winemaker                             Wilcox, PA

IF nothing is listed, AND you are a KSUA/VESTA V&E student looking for somewhere to complete field experience hours, please complete the form.

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